The Earth School

At this time of great change, we need to re-assess our place in the Universe. We can now re-establish a balanced and harmonious relationship with All Life.

The Earth School was founded in 1999 to offer an Earth-centred programme of events which include the experiential study of geomancy, sacred geometry, astrology, bodywork, resonance and many other aspects of perennial wisdom. It combines world-wide traditional teachings with modern discoveries.

Our philosophy is wholistic and experientially based. The practical nature of this approach teaches us to use all of our six senses, and provides an opportunity for profoundly enhancing our lives.

The co-principals of the Earth School are Jude Stammers and Fiona Hopes and its secretary is Suzie Lee-Vickers. We bring together internationally known facilitators, whose experience and knowledge has been gained over many years of researching, teaching and above all, experientially working with different aspects of perennial wisdom.

For information about the events, please contact