About My Gardens

As a designer, I create gardens that are practical and delightful, that will make few demands on your time, provide year-round pleasure irrespective of size or location, and will suit your lifestyle. These gardens respect the presence of wildlife, often providing fresh food and herbs for the household, a retreat from the pressures of daily life, and a well-considered space for outdoor living.

I work with the subtle energies of the land, combining knowledge of sacred architecture, feng shui and landscape temples with skills in dowsing and earth acupuncture. In this way I create gardens that realise the dreams of my clients, form a fully integrated space on all levels of consciousness and fit dynamically into the living landscape.

I incorporate the principles of Permaculture into my designs, ensuring that the gardens are not wasteful of energy and natural resources, and reuse the by-products of the home, whenever possible.

Using the design principles of space, form, colour, balance and harmony, and working with the further dimension of time, I co-create a garden that develops and matures to form the dynamic space originally visualised on the plans.

The materials used in my gardens are local in origin where possible and their use respects local style.
The planting mimics nature, with different layers and guilds of plants creating stable communities that need little attention.